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Advice for Mayors

We were given the amazing chance to present to three small town mayors this week courtesy of the Georgia Conservancy.  These mayors each are interested in what they can do to make their respective towns thriving, vibrant places.

We focus on messy and complex redevelopment, and definitely do not come from a world of promoting larger scale, top-down solutions.  During the meeting we spent a lot of time working through some of the less discussed things that make these types of projects unnecessarily hard.  There was absolutely discussion about parking.  We also spent a good deal of time discussing the nature and quality of the streets and how they impact development possibilities.  We introduced the concept of Stroads.

At a certain level, putting this presentation together was not that hard.  It was very much a matter of gathering the great material of so many other people and sharing.  We are posting a download link to the presentation below.   We tried to make sure we not only gave credit to where everything was coming from, but also to imbed links to the many videos, podcasts and articles we are borrowing from.  We encourage you to follow the links and dig into the various websites.  There is so much great content at Strong Towns, Placemakers,  Urban 3 and many others.

Download the presentation here.


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