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LOCATION: Edgewood, Atlanta, GA

SIZE:           25 units on 2.5 acres

STATUS:      Phases 1-3 Completed; Phase 4-5 In Progress

AWARDS:    2018 CNU Charter Award

                    2018 ARC Development of Excellence


La France Walk is a pocket community located in the Edgewood neighborhood of Atlanta. Self-developed by KUA and informed by fifteen years of research and market observation, the project was designed in accordance with core principles of walkability, inclusivity, and resilience in response to the growing demand for car-optional, intown residential options, and in anticipation of a surging intown population.


La France Walk takes advantage of the nearby rail station by minimizing car parking, allowing for maximum use of the tight footprint. Homes were designed with either a garage or an attached guest suite equipped with a kitchenette and full bathroom; providing buyers with the option of extra space for a home office, a guest suite for aging parents, or the opportunity to offset the cost of mortgage payments through rent. A mix of single-family homes, duplexes, and attached accessory dwelling units provide a range of housing choices and price points. The forward-thinking project was recognized with a Charter Award from the Congress for the New Urbanism in 2018 and a Design of Excellence Award from ULI in 2019.  

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