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LOCATION: Inman Park, Atlanta, GA

SIZE:           2,000 SF

STATUS:      Completed 2014

AWARDS:    2014 UDC Award of Excellence


A truly complete neighborhood, Inman Park’s high degree of walkability is facilitated by its diverse mix of uses and housing types, exemplified by local businesses like Folk Art. A neighborhood restaurant located in a historic retail building on what was once a bustling streetcar line, enhances the urban experience of the neighborhood and celebrates the culture and character of its surroundings. This project creates a new atmosphere in an old space while preserving the historic qualities of the site. The building materials and scale blend in seamlessly with the surrounding residential neighborhood. Salvaged stadium seats were installed along the front facade to enhance engagement with the street, and large, operable windows along the front façade enable the front wall of the restaurant to open up and become a covered patio when the weather allows. Anointed with carefully collected pieces of Americana and reclaimed furniture, Folk Art’s interior atmosphere is a perfect match for the exterior design and surrounding neighborhood. KUA’s design for Folk Art received an Atlanta Urban Design Commission Award of Excellence for Adaptive Re-Use in 2014.

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