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Our Top 10 Wishlist for Encouraging Small Development in Atlanta

We had the honor of being part of a symposium for Atlanta’s Historic Westside yesterday, which was put on by the Westside Future Fund, CNU and the Chick-fil-A Foundation. The symposium focused on bringing together an array of stakeholders involved in the Westside to have honest discussions around community wealth creation, equitable development and historic preservation.

We used the opportunity to speak frankly about what stands in the way of small development in Atlanta, and presented our top 10 wishlist for zoning and policy changes to encourage more (and better) small development not just in the Westside, but throughout the city. We discussed how zoning and policy changes are not a magic bullet for equitable development, but that they absolutely can make a big difference in matters of affordability and inclusiveness. We ask our leadership, both in the public and private sectors, and concerned citizens to be bold, brave and instrumental in implementing changes that can help not just aspire to, but actually create the beloved community.

The full presentation can be downloaded here.

And a link to the live stream of the presentation here.


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