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We believe in cities and we believe in neighborhoods that preserve their past and maintain their culture. New Orleans is at the stage of development where a conscious urban infill approach is essential in both preserving and promoting its neighborhood cultures. More than 200,000 residents have returned to the city after Katrina and have struggled with re-establishing their communities. Nonetheless, New Orleans is a resilient city. Architectural Record named New Orleans as one of their In-Demand Cities in their October issue.

There are 47,738 vacant houses in New Orleans and we have believe that the key to city’s success in renovating blighted homes. We will be speaking this week during the Past Forward National Preservation Conference in Savannah about our project in rehabilitating 46 scattered affordable and historic houses in the Neighborhoods of Treme, 7th Ward and Central City.


Join us during the conference. Stream Live for Learning Lab 130: Affordable, Sustainable, Compatible and Accessible on Nov 14, 2014 at 10.30am

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