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Code Hack: Tiny Houses in Atlanta

Midtown Carriage House

There’s a lot of buzz about tiny houses right now, and as advocates for increased housing diversity and affordability, we thought it only right to jump into the conversation. Because we are based in Atlanta, and because tiny houses are not allowed under current zoning in Atlanta, we decided to search for a quick solution to get tiny houses in the mix right now. Why would we wait for our ordinances to be amended if we could find an interim code hack!?

Code hack = don’t call it a tiny house, call it a guest house. And build it in the backyard of an existing house. It’s that simple. While it’s not a solution to getting tiny houses built as-of-right, it’s a great way to promote infill development in our existing neighborhoods without disrupting the existing fabric in addition to increasing our housing options. And the best part? No zoning rewrites! Guest houses are currently allowed as accessory uses in all single-family zoning categories, but they aren’t without their limitations. Eric Kronberg presented how to get around these limitations at the Decatur Tiny House Festival last week. Click the link below to view our step-by-step presentation on how to get a tiny house (ahem, we meant to say guest house) built today!

Image Source: (staycation, anyone?)


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