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Attainable Housing Now

The need for attainable housing is the challenge of our time. The current human ecosystem is failing Americans, and updated approaches to housing our citizens is vital if America is going to effectively compete in the global economy this current century. The lack of attainable/workforce/affordable/Affordable housing is a major barrier to maximizing human opportunity in small towns, major cities, and everywhere in between. Exclusionary zoning is a core limitation of providing this housing, full stop.

Some cities, like Atlanta, are providing limited but key opportunities within their zoning to provide better design outcomes and more housing. One key provision in Atlanta allows detached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in single-family districts. Expanding these provisions such that they include attached ADUs in addition to detached ADUs (AADU & DADU) is an imperative next step that should be taken. Other improvements include allowing Missing Middle Housing in a wider assortment of locations with more flexibility regarding zoning requirements. For example, Missing Middle Housing is not economically functional to build when significant on-site parking burdens and a re-zoning are required. Allowing them without significant buffer, without parking requirements, as of right (without a re-zoning) near transit stations, along with other more nuanced permissions would be an integral part of increasing the amount of attainable housing Atlanta can provide.

We are going to be uploading multiple posts in the next few weeks that document examples of how we are working with non-profit partners to leverage these zoning possibilities to provide attainable/workforce/affordable/Affordable housing choices in Chattanooga, Atlanta, and hopefully many more cities across America soon.


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