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A Statement from the KUA Team

June 3, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia

Black lives matter.

KUA stands in solidarity with those marching for an end to systemic racism and inequity in our country.

We are working to better understand our role in these systemic inequities and regret that it took until now for us to listen, learn, and share. We are taking time to learn how we can be better allies to our black neighbors now and moving forward.

Those who work to design, build, and regulate the American built environment have played a major role in enabling inequity. We are reflecting on what we are doing, as a company and as citizens, to help transform the structures that support systemic racism.

We seek to listen to and promote black voices and to use our platform to broaden their reach. As a first step, we have compiled a brief list of books and other resources that have helped us better understand systemic injustice.

As urbanists, we see the inequities inherent in our built environment and the policies that govern its design. Housing policy is one of many deeply flawed institutions that contribute to the racist and unjust systems that regulate American society. We will continue to share what we and others have learned of the connections between housing policy and equity and how we as urbanism professionals can create positive change.

We stand together with our black neighbors in this fight and those to come.

- the KUA Team


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