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The following toolkit aims to provide a resource for the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County to address issues surrounding homelessness. Like many cities and regions across the country, Chattanooga is facing a housing crisis. While wages and incomes remain relatively stagnant, the cost of housing continues to rise exponentially. As more people become housing cost burdened, the number of people struggling to find stable, long-term housing will continue to grow. 

While homelessness is a complex issue, it is at its core a housing problem. This toolkit takes a housing-first approach, with a goal of providing attainable and incremental housing prototypes that can fit seamlessly into existing neighborhoods. The report concludes that attainable housing must be small, proximate, private, and dignified. An incremental approach allows infill at a manageable and discreet scale, while also avoiding concentrations of poverty. If more attainable housing can be provided city-wide, fewer people will fall into the traumatic experience of homelessness. And less people experiencing homelessness means more dedicated resources for those with the most needs. 

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Homelessness & Incremental Housing Toolkit

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