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LOCATION: Armour Yards, Atlanta, GA

SIZE:           13,000 SF

STATUS:      Completed 2016

KUA converted an existing 13,000 square foot warehouse in the Armour Yards district into creative loft office space for local tech company, Cinemassive. The design team was tasked with creating a highly customized office for a company whose workforce is divided into two divisions with competing spatial needs: phone-based support teams, who need quiet and privacy, and developers, who work in a collaborative team environment. Working closely with the Cinemassive team, KUA designed an office with spaces tailored to the specific needs of the two teams. First, a secluded area with acoustic ceilings for the phone-based support teams, lit by overhead light wells and new windows. Second, a large, open bullpen for the developer teams, flanked by private offices for executives and meeting rooms of various sizes for formal meetings and casual breakout sessions. In the front, a large lobby space doubles as a showroom for the company’s products and an event space. In the back, the employee break area can extend out onto an exterior deck via a large rollup garage door. Close collaboration with the client during the design phase led to a design that delivers a unique workplace perfectly suited to the needs of its occupants.

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