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LOCATION: Kirkwood, Atlanta, GA

SIZE:           16,000 SF

STATUS:      Completed 2014


This project features the conversion of 16,000 SF of warehouse property in Kirkwood into a new headquarters for local tech company, Big Nerd Ranch. A fast-paced technology company with world-class customers ranging from Facebook to NASA, Big Nerd Ranch (BNR) outgrew their first KUA-designed headquarters in a matter of months. Their new flexible workplace was designed to reflect their company culture and core values of curiosity and collaboration. Adapting and reusing the shell of an existing warehouse allowed for the design to have high ceilings, exposed structure, and plenty of natural light. Big Nerd Ranch’s new headquarters offers a high level of flexibility, creativity, and comfort, while raising productivity by reinforcing innovation and sense of community. Our long-term working collaboration with Big Nerd illustrates our strong commitment to client needs.

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