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The ability to envision, create, and restore physical spaces is at the core of our work at KUA. With a background in adaptive reuse, we have successfully helped return numerous overlooked buildings back to productive use. Whether restoring an old structure or creating a new one, we work to develop a detailed awareness of physical, historical, and social context, leading to projects that reinforce a unique sense of place. We work closely with our clients to establish a deep understanding of their vision, needs, and goals, and employ our refined design skills and nuanced grasp of zoning and building codes to bring those goals into reality.

  • Provide full architectural services from Feasibility Analysis through Construction Administration

  • Support neighborhood redevelopment efforts through strategic and cost-effective new construction and adaptive reuse design interventions

  • Support housing choice expansion initiatives with diverse library of Missing Middle and micro-housing residential designs

  • Teach and present on the main street redevelopment best practices, with a focus on small-scale development

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