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LOCATION: Blandtown/West Midtown, Atlanta, GA

SIZE:           21,800 SF

STATUS:      Completed 2019


The Mabra Law project features the adaptive reuse of a pre-engineered warehouse into a vibrant office space in the rapidly developing Blandtown/West Midtown neighborhood. As the formerly industry-based area of the neighborhood transitions toward residential and commercial, Mabra Law supports increased walkability and density while celebrating the building's industrial character through the metal cladding, exposed steel structure, and high ceilings.

The entrance of the building is marked by a new, expansive, double-height front porch sheltered by a poplar-lined canopy. Glass overhead doors offer views from the street into conference rooms lined with local artists’ murals that tie the firm to the community. At the interior, the office showcases open-concept spaces that welcome guests and employees while providing privacy and confidentiality. To provide space for the firm’s expansion, KUA added a 2,700 SF second story and worked through challenges within the building code to design a central stair that maintains the open concept and level of privacy required. Natural light filters into the offices through operable exterior windows and glazed interior openings that borrow light from skylights. In 2020, toward the end of the design process, KUA quickly pivoted to incorporate several measures to inhibit the spread of COVID-19 within the building.

The Debonair Signman designed and installed hand-painted signage throughout the building. Greg Mike, Joe King, and JEKS painted colorful mural backdrops in the lobby, conference rooms, break room, and the owner’s private office.


Since the completion of the project, Google has generated 360° views of the building interior. Please view them here. Google street views showing the building before its adaptive reuse may be found here.

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